22. Reflections

Artist: Glenn Stephen Elvig


Glenn Elvig’s wood and brass Reflections was created in 1987 as part of a theme of reflections – of tree lines, water ripples and landscapes. The artist was exploring carving and mirror images, with smooth and jagged elements working together.

This work came out of an image in my head, one that I had seen many times in my travels around the United States and Canada. Most influential were scenes that I ran across in Minnesota, Montana, Wyoming and Idaho.

Elvig, who works in wood, metal and glass, was a potter and an art teacher at a public school prior to opening his studio in St. Paul in 1980. He began selling his work at the Minnesota Renaissance Festival in the 1980s, and Reflections was most likely commissioned at the festival.

He was the first president of the Minnesota Woodcutters Guild, former president of the Minnesota Crafts Council and chair of the American Crafts Association.