5. Legacy Hall Frieze

Artist: Scott Gunvaldson

This frieze was inspired by Charles Beck, who felt the rotunda in Legacy Hall needed “something for people to look at.” M State alumnus Scott Gunvaldson was challenged to create a visually pleasing plan. Gunvaldson agreed to present a design, and funds were raised through Fergus Area College Foundation.

The frieze has a repetitive pattern, but one that is not easily discerned. Gunvaldson, a former student and close friend of Beck, chose the color scheme using the college’s traditional color of blue.

Once Gunvaldson developed his design on paper, he completed the painting of the frieze fairly quickly. He used moveable scaffolding and worked primarily at night and on weekends when there were fewer students on campus. The design he created is now used for the logo of the foundation.

Legacy Hall opened in 2007, and the frieze was completed in February 2013. The frieze is dedicated to Warren Olsen, longtime curator of the M State art collection. A plaque is displayed in Legacy Hall.