Warren Olsen


Warren Olsen joined the English faculty at Fergus Falls Community College in 1968 and taught until 1992, when he became curator of the college’s permanent art collection. He held that position until 2013, visiting campus almost daily to give tours, answer questions and talk about art.

As curator, Olsen taught his own version of art appreciation while turning the entire campus into an art gallery. Paintings, sculptures and ceramic pieces would appear in new locations on campus, and Olsen became known for “moving things around.” It was a test, and those who noticed received the gift of his friendship.

During his tenure as curator, a plan was developed for stewardship of the collection. Gifts to Fergus Area College Foundation, commissioned works, facilities expansion and The Minnesota Percent for Art in Public Places enriched the collection.

Beck and Olsen would often walk the campus over the years, sharing ideas and dreams about the next acquisition. No empty space went unnoticed. They continued to teach. Together they created a visual art culture that truly makes the campus extraordinary and shines brilliantly on the arts of our region.