8. Mystic Trumpeter

Artist: Kirk Williams

Mystic Trumpeter

Fergus Falls artist Kirk Williams and his mother, Dorothy donated Mystic Trumpeter to the college in memory of his father, W. Earl Williams in 2007. Kirk’s parents were longtime devoted supporters of the Fergus Falls campus.

The sculpture is based on the Walt Whitman poem “The Mystic Trumpeter.”

Earl Williams, who died in 2002, was a founder of the college and Fergus Area College Foundation, serving on the foundation board for more than 40 years. His unwavering dedication to promoting the college and encouraging the creation of endowments has had a lasting and major impact on the Fergus Falls campus.

Kirk Williams studied graphics in Tacoma, Wash., and fine arts at Minneapolis College of Art & Design, but he opted to continue his education outside the classroom in “the real world.” His works appeared in many shows and galleries across the Midwest; his main mediums were pastels, sculptures and assemblages of antique and collectible items.